UN Ground Forces
Fuerzas Terrestres de la ONU (spanish)
联合国 军队 (chinese)
Founded 2103
Alliegance The UN
Size 9,009,000 personel (5.5 million active)
Current Commander Álvaro Gravois Moreau
Aniversary June 30th
Principal Engagments Ki'sa Wars, Colonial rebellions

The UN Ground Forces (UNGF) is the land-based service branch of the UN Armed Forces (UNAM). Its regular forces consist of 5.5 million personnel, with an additional 9 million personnel in reserve (mobilized during the Ki'sa Wars), making it the largest active standing army in the human known space. The UNGF furthermore deploys 189,000 Heavy Exoskeleton units and 8.5 million VI drones. Currently 90% of the ground force divisions and brigades are either armoured or mechanized to deal with potential threats. The UN Ground Forces has and continues to undergo rapid major upgrades and re-structuring to deal with future land warfare, with front line troops, special forces, and marines given priority in receiving newer modern weapon systems.

Given the high-level of nano/pico-technology used, the soldiers use armor and weapons technology as a force multiplier, and deconstruct the nature of combined arms.


Orbital and High altitude insertion are the backbone of the UNGF operations

The UN Forces have improved its battlefield capabilities since the contact with the Ki'sa, before that, Earth's armies where woefully antiquated because the long period of peace that human race had been enjoying. Als, the implementation of a Centric Military Nod run by a super intelligent VI that would connect different combat, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance elements is currently being discussed by the Council.


  • Preserving the peace and security and providing the defense of the Human Controlled Space.
  • Supporting UN policies.
  • Implementing the council's objectives.
  • Overcoming any non-human agent responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the Human Race.
  • Taking action against Human organizations if they conflict with the objectives listed above.


The United Nations Ground Forces is made up of two components: the active component, the Regular Army; and the reserve component, the Army Reserve.

Through 2170, the army shifted to six sectorial commands:

  • United Nations Ground Forces Earth headquartered at Nairobi, Kenya.
  • United Nations Ground Forces Sol headquartered at Titan, Saturn Mandate.
  • United Nations Ground Forces Tau Ceti headquartered at Jotunheim, Imvusa Ikhaya.
  • United Nations Ground Forces Domus Ruber headquartered at Nandakanana, Domus Ruber.
  • United Nations Ground Forces Outer Rim headquartered at Hades Station, Procyon
  • United Nations Ground Forces Rakkuuna headquartered at T'yanka, Rakkuuna