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Radan is a one of the new colors.


Its HTML-font definition is #1100gg, for those programming on Pascal it is $1100GG. It is very dark color, it looks exactly the same of the dark blue, but you will be able to say "No, it is not blue at all". There is some kind of unexplainable mystic light, a strange halo of oddness, but you are sure it is not dark blue. At night or on really high contrast, it looks like yellow or light red.


The new color will be used as a standard color for every taxi in every city. People have gotten sick of the yellow taxis, and they want to see some innovation. It will be a very popular color for really ellegant dresses, as only really rich people can paid the million dollars Hyper Programmer is demanding for copyright of the new color. It is not GFDL at all.