RGB-X Logo

RGB-X Corporation is a color-facturing company. It has developed many previously unknown colors like Radan, Light Black]] and Blinch.


The normal colors can be defined in terms of RGB, light proportion of Red, Green and Blue. But it is very limited (only 16 millions of colors can be defined), and many scientists think of the creation of new no-RGB based.


To create new colors, scientists have prepared a new spectral light, named "Coloran". It is a mix of blue with yellow, but not green. Coloran is by far lighter, but not so greenish like the green, it is hard to explain. It is impossible to show a photo because the most computers work with RGB Colors, not RGB-X Colors, so it is useless.

Using the new colors in html

To use the new colors with "font" Elements on HTML, you can use the following color's definitions:

  • Radan: #1100gg
  • Light Black: #jjjjjj
  • Blinch: #0000hg

It will not work if you use a non-RGB-X compatible computer. Nowadays, the only totally RGB-X compatible computer is the one of Hyper Programmer. She is named "Plus", and Hyper Programmer really loves her.