The war will never end
Hombis Battle Team
Hombis Etna
Base Area Europe and North Africa
Allies Elbruz
The Islands
Enemies and Targets Ruvenzori
Robots 72
War General Santorini

Pro-Santorini Battle Team is a battle team of hombis from Greece, Italy and Iceland. They have conquered many sub-teams.


Santorini, Etna and Hekla are the generals of this team.


Pro-Santorini took the West Indies from The Islands, and they decided to continue their advance over North Africa (war against Ruvenzori) and the East (war against Elbruz). Those wars ended with the absorption of some sub-teams. After this, Pro-Santorini began its advance over Central America, leading to the war against powerful teams of the Andes, Teas and Anahuac. Pro-Santorini gave up (they were not able to fight against 150 hombis), and the West Indies came back to the The Islands battle team.