Otoki Island.

Otoki is the first country that can control the climate, thanks to gadgets like the MesoCyclone Generator Plus (TM) and the Jans Kaos Turbo Wind Damage Expert (TM). It is common to see otokian children flying thier kites using controlled tornadoes thanks to the MesoCyclone Generator Plus (TM). Otoki is an island, and otokian can control the soil too, making the island higher when a natural disaster is near, like tsunamies and super waves. Many people say Otoki is the last remament of Atlantis. The unique way to access Otoki is through a dimensional portal in Bermuda's triangle.


As any other tropical island, it is governed by a dictator. The current dictator is Arthur The Sailor.


The lack of Sun light has made skin of otokians near transparent. Most otokian are descendants of pirates and sailors who were lost in the Triangle.