Impossible Programming Enterprises

It is an Impossible Programming Development Software product.
To program is impossible, anyway.

Nothing is a simple programming language, based in the "Set Instance = Nothing" sentence of Visual Basic. It is one of the replacement suggested by programmers for VB6. The others are Parnassus (programming language), USELESS (Unappliccably Serious and Economically Less Enchanting Stupid Strings) and COMPLEX (Common Objects for Media Programming, with Light Environment eXpandible).

Hello World Example

String Is "Hello World"
Print String
Set String = Nothing
Set Print = Nothing
Set App = Nothing

Everything should be destroyed in an explicit way. It has Pascal-compatible templates. Example:

writeln("Hello World");


It was created in order of make easier the migration path from VB Classic to Pascal. You can download examples at, and you can get free sources from It is very famous for being possible create eveen complex operating system with few sentences. It is the coding for the Hera Virtual Machine operating system.

Object Is Hera
For Hera:ComplexOperatingSystemLib.CreateNew
#ERROR Hera.Debug
#SUCCESS MsgBox "Welcome to Hera Operating System"
When not Hera
 Set Run = Nothing
 If Debug then Set Debug = Nothing
 Set Hera = Nothing(Object)
 Set MsgBox = Nothing
 Set When = Nothing
 Set Dim = Nothing
 set App= Nothing

It is so easy to program that it will replace Java in a short term.