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Moonbase Alpha is an British-American adventure science fiction drama television series that follows the inhabitants of a moonbase on the Earth's Moon that was inexplicably pulled out of orbit by an unknown extrasolar source and taken on a journey throughout the cosmos.

This series is a remake of the British television series Space: 1999 that ran from 1975-1977.


  1. Commissioner Gerald Simmonds- British chairman of the International Lunar Finance Commission.
  2. Commander Anton Gorski- Russian former commanding officer of Moonbase Alpha.
  3. Commander John Koenig- American commanding officer of Moonbase Alpha. Cool, calm, witty, and intelligent.
  4. Paul Morrow- British base executive officer and Main Mission controller, second-in-command.
  5. Captain Alan Carter- Australian chief pilot and third-in-command.
  6. Pilot Bill Fraser- American co-pilot with Carter.
  7. Professor Victor Bergman- British chief science advisor on Moonbase Alpha.
  8. David Kano- American data technician and member of Bergman's science and tech team.
  9. Doctor Helena Russell- American chief medical officer on Moonbase Alpha
  10. Doctor Bob Mathias- American deputy at Medical Section.
  11. Tony Verdeschi- American head of security and Command Center controller.
  12. Sandra Benes- Asian-American data analyst.
  13. Tanya Alexander- American base operations officer.

Lunar Space Research Organization


  • Lunar Space Research Organization (LSRO)
  • Moonbase Alpha

Episode Guide

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Season 1

  1. "Out of Orbit." 2 hour pilot. New commander, Patrick Osgood mining in the catacombs discovers alien object, Moon pulled out of orbit by space warps. Tony/Koenig navigate ahead. Meta probe. Encounter WAR GAMES. Near a black hole, what wonders lie out there?
  2. "INFERNAL MACHINE" Gwent, Companion. "lonely, blind creature looking for death"
  3. "FORCE OF LIFE" Body snatcher, wants heat, nuclear reactor
  4. "RING AROUND THE MOON" Aliens want info, non corporeal, use Helena
  5. "MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH" Lush earth-like world, Astro 7 mission, lost 5 years ago, Lee Russell returns, he's an apparition, not real just a mechinazations of the planet.
  6. "SEED OF DESTRUCTION" Koenig duplicate on a crystal asteroid
  7. "BRIAN THE BRAIN" Star mission, 300 Swifts, lost 4 years ago, Planet D, Capt. Michael, for 88 years.
  8. "SEANCE SPECTRE" Group wants to inhabit new earth-like world without the moon personnel. Coup!
  9. "EARTHBOUND" Alien refugees from a dying world, offer 1 person in a lotto, Simmonds forces himself to go, the lotto picked him anyway, irony. Mid-season finale.
  10. "MISSING LINK/FULL CIRCLE" 2 million years ago, Stone Age 40,000 years ago, Missing Link in planets evolution. Zenna/Retha designation. Koenig captured. Paul/Sandra breakup, she's seeing Alan now.
  11. "LAST SUNSET" Alien benefactors terraform the Moon ephemerally.
  12. "ANOTHER PLACE, ANOTHER TIME" Space-time anomaly. Re-enter sol sys, double moons, Future Alphans (10 years from now?) Alpha Child, 9 months since leaving Earth orbit, 250 days ago.

Season 2

  1. "COLLISION COURSE" Crash into an alien world, designated Atheria.
  2.  "MISSION OF THE DARIANS" 20 square km starship. 50,000 crew. 14 senior staff. Lie! 1 year since leaving Earth orbit (360 days).
  3. "TAYBOR" The trader, introduce the Dorcons, S.S. Emporium.
  4. "VOYAGER'S RETURN" Radiation exhaust. Killed lots. 15 years ago. Queller Drive. Pursuit of knowledge. Voyager probes, rename!
  5. "TESTAMENT OF ARKADIA" Ancient astronauts. Leave 2 people and some others behind with a couple Eagles. Finale of S2. Getting closer to whatever pulled them from orbit.

Season 3

  • "JOURNEY TO WHERE" Transmission from Earth on an interstellar ansible from Texas City 2200 (2120 in '70s version) Accidentally sent back to 13xx.
  • "DRAGON'S DOMAIN" Tony Cellini. Ultra probe launched 3 years prior to leaving Earth orbit for a 7 month trip. Interplanetary spacecraft. Mission mystery, think he killed his crewmates. 877 days since leaving orbit.

Season 4

  • "BRINGERS OF WONDER" Super-Swift with friends and family aboard. Hideous telepathic entities. 2 part?

Later seasons

  • "METAMORPH" Encounter Maya, Psycon
  • "DORZAK" Other survivors of her planets collapse
  • "DORCONS" Archenemy of the series

List of Moonbases

  1. Moonbase Alpha (First built, international moonbase). 311 personnel.
  2. Moonbase Bravo (Brazil). 340 personnel.
  3. Moonbase Charlie (Chinese). 800 personnel.
  4. Moonbase Echo (European). 9,000 personnel.
  5. Neil A. Armstrong Lunar Outpost (American). 200 people.
  6. Sea of Tranquility City (Multi-national). 120,000 people.
  7. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Lunar Complex (India). 17,000 personnel.
  8. Tsukiyomi Station (Under construction by Japan). 30,000 personnel.
  9. Tycho City (Multi-national). 55,000 people.
  10. Vega Aerospace Colonial Settlement X-562A (Recently completed, Private). 70 personnel.
  11. Yuri Gagarin Star City (Russia). 10,000 personnel.

Total population on the Moon: 242,721. (A quarter of a million people on the Moon in the mid-late 21st century)