Jun 5 2002

Multi-vortex Tornado generated using the MCGP.

MesoCyclone Generator Plus is tornado-generator by MesoCyclone Generator Plus (TM).


There are many different kinds of tornadoes that you can configure using the controller buttons:

  • Strenght: 0 to 6. See F-6 Tornado.
  • Type: Landspout, Mesocyclonic (Default), Multi-Vortex. (Optional Plug In: Cold Funnel)
  • On tye ground (ON / OFF)
  • Duration: 1 second to 4 hours (4 hours only if Multi-Vortex is ON)
  • Color:
  • Shape: Invisible Vortex, Rope, Standard, Wedge.
  • Hail: (ON / OFF)