MTX Ouch! My house!

MTX No! My car!

MTX No! My Car! is a devastation-aimed MTX model. It has been designed to destroy entire cities.

Short advertising

There was an accident. The street is totally jammed. You have a normal car. You can not believe it, you will be in that traffic jam forever. "What is that?" you say. There is a car. His driver looks happy. Happy... in a disturbing way. Everyone begins to run away from their cars. That is a monster... A MTX MONSTER TRUCK, OF COURSE. Go away! That thing will smash your car. Run for your life! It is too late... The Wheel... OF DOOM.

He is about to smash you... Why? Why did not you buy that MTX? There is hope! You can escape using a window... You are out! He has smashed your car: "No! My car!" you say. "It is natural selection, guy" the driver says. The driver is horribly happy. He never cares about traffic jams. You know he is right, you were not smart, you did not buy a MTX. You would be eating dinner with your wife, at your home... now you do not have a home, he just smashed it too. :(

Price and Options

It is only a concept car. The final version will be sold next year.