Jans Kaos Turbo Wind Damage Expert is a tornado generator created by Jans Virus Corporation.


Unlike MesoCyclone Generator Plus, it has not options for type of tornadoes. It is war-oriented, so it just has levels only of doom:

  • Doomer Tornado: Level 1. 5 deads, 10 million dollars damage, linear path, duration of minutes, short lenght, near invisible (a bonus).
  • Attack Tornado: Level 2. Over 50 deads, 1 billion dollars damage, linear path, duration of half hour, 1000 feets long.
  • Jihad Tornado: Level 4. Over 500 deads, 5 billion dollars damage, random behavior, duration of one hour, variable lenght.
  • Kaos Tornado: Level 12. Over 1500 deads, 50 billion dollars damage, impossible to forecast, random behavior, duration of many hours, quarter mile long.