Insignia Virus is one of the virus created by Jans Virus Corporation. It is known its payload, if any.


It is the best virus ever, as:

  • It is really fat: 560 MB. It can consume big portions of your hard disk, just like .net framework does, but the virus will cause an eventual damage, just like .net framework does.
  • It has lots of bugs. The virus can stop working at any moment. (You are right, just like .net framework does)
  • It consumes all your processor time in do-nothing loops. (Now it begins to look like Windows, yet... just like .net framework does)
  • It will be .net framework compatible (Yup, just like .net framework does. However, I am not really sure .net framework is compatible with itself).
  • Newer version of the virus are not compatible with older versions. (I am hearing a really sad korean song but I do not understand anything, anyways, just like .net framework does).
  • It does not produce any result.. if any, it will be a random harmful output. (Guess! Juts like .net framework does).


  • You can program on 5 different useless too similar programming languages.