Infinite Plus One is the general result of an overflow of an addition or substraction if it is done following the Jansenian Mathematical sequences. Jansenian Mathematics says: "Infinite is not the biggest number. Indeed, Infinite is just the upper border of the numbers as We know them, but I am sure our mathematical knowledge is very limited, and such an expression as Infinite Plus One would fit in a wider mathematical concept that I hope We can adopt in a near future."

Numeric Dimensions Theorem

Jansenian Mathematics also says: "I say the numbers as We Know them belong to a singular dimension. That dimension include all the numbers between infinite and negative infinite. Perhaps over our infinite border exists another numeric dimension. I would name our dimension Standard Dimension, perhaps including many other dimensions that can be compatible with our numeric system. In a multi-dimensional universe of numbers, we can realize there will be infinite number of Universes into the Space-Time relationship. Indeed, I would bet our universe is enclosed by millions of distinct universes, each one with a infinitesimal variation, thus we have infinite universes in infinite distinct variations of our basical physics laws. May be there are anti-entropic universes, opposed to our general entropic universe. The Universe as a collection of universes will be infinite in space, eternal in time and zero in entropy. everything will be possible in at least one universe, even our wildest and weirdest dreams would be a reality in a far universe. So Nothing is fake on ImagineWiki, as it is a reality on any of the infinite universes that coexist".