Hyper Heroes is a league of techno-heroes, that means they are normal people but they have a lot of gadgets that give them hyperpowers, unlike the most superheroes who commonly have only superpowers. Unlike superheroes, they are more cool and stuff, they are by far better than them. There are four main kinds of Hyper Heroes:

There are just like special a policemen comand on the future Earth.

Their main enemies are:

  • Evil Superheroes- After superheroes were replaced by hyperheroes, superheroes got angry at the government and declared war on Earth.
  • Holograms- Yet another word for Ghosts
  • Robozombies- The worst of them, corpses brought back to "life" by replacing of "damaged" parts with mechanical parts. They are just like robots, they are not other thing that animated lifeless bodies. Advantage: Many computers can wrongly detected them as living forms, forcing hyper heroes to use no-lethal weaponery
  • Extraterrestrial Armies- Many extraterrestial tyrans have plans to conquear and destroy Earth in order to make room for the interspatial highway