The Hombis are a race of mega-robots from the year 3000. Each one live inside a crater of a volcano, absorbing heat energy to live. They fight everytime, trying to get control over remanents of the Earth after the human collapse (2500). They can transform themselves in very rapid war-vehicles, and they power is directly proportional to the height of their volcano.
Hombis Chiriqui

A Hombis robot

They are named after the name of the volcanoes they dwell. The most powerful is "Ojos del Salado", from Argentina. He is capable to become an earth-drill.


The hombis usually make alliances in their war to take the control of Earth. The main alliances are:

  • Sabe-Maule: Hombis from south Andes
  • Teas: Hombis from Central and North America.
  • Auletas: Hombis from Alaska.
  • Norata: Hombis from Southern Central America
  • Pro-Santorini: Hombis from Europe
  • The Islands: Hombis from the Central Atlantic.
  • Nevalta: Hombis from the central Andes.
  • Nevodo: Hombis from the northern Andes.
  • Lauca: Hombis from south/central Andes.
  • Demacia: Hombis from SouthEastern Asia.
  • Anahuac: Hombis from Southern NorthAmerica.
  • Yama: Hombis from Hokkaido, Honshu and near islands.
  • Kaya: Hombis from Kamchatka.
  • Mauna: hombis from Hawaii.
  • Ruvenzori: Hombis from Africa.
  • Elbruz: Hombis from SouthWestern Asia.
  • Varieda: Hombis from Southern Andes.
  • Nortea: Hombis from the SouthWestern Pacific.

Extinct alliance

There has been many other alliances, they all absorbed by major groups. Important old alliances were:

  • Atacama, absorbed by Nevalta
  • NorthWest Atacama, , absorbed by Nevalta
  • Ahagaar: North Africa, absorbed by Pro-Santorini and Ruvenzori.
  • Selvia: Central America, absorbed by Teas.
  • Etnacia: Central America, absorbed by Teas.
  • Circolia: Central America, absorbed by Norata.
  • Toce: Norternh Andes, absorbed by Nevodo.