Impossible Programming Enterprises

It is an Impossible Programming Development Software product.
To program is impossible, anyway.

The Hestia Compiler is a compiled scripting language in the Hera Operating System. It is related with the successful Parnassus language.

Common Sample

Like HebeScript, it has the CommonSystem library preloaded, and it neither has the App object defined. The parameters of every method must be sent before the method calling.


 write "This program makes a list of every file in the disk C:\ and it saves it as a binary file" as CommonSystem.MessageBox
 CommonSystem.Commands.Search.Path = "C:\"
 CommonSystem.Commands.Search.Definition = "*"
 CommonSystem.Commands.Search.Output = "C:\Everyfile.sch"
 CommonSystem.Commands.Search.Execute = TRUE
 //The searching is executed
 CommandSystem = FALSE
 //The program ends