Impossible Programming Enterprises

It is an Impossible Programming Development Software product.
To program is impossible, anyway.

The Futuric Programming Language is a simple programming language used to program very quick programs in a long range of devices and robots. It is planned as a low-resource-consuming software so it just has one library: FuturicCore, and it is totally customizable. Every instruction is linked to the FuturicCore. It belongs to the Hera Virtual Machine platform. By using simple, easy to understand commands, you can control many hard to program robots with ease. A new model of the Futuric Typer 5000 allows you to talk in what you want the programmed item to do, and it lays out the code for you.

Hello World Example

main linked FuturicCore(Main)
 ScreenDevice? put "Hello World"

If the current device has no screen it sends an internal error. The next procedure finds for a speaking device and if it exists it is used to say "Hello Word", and it finds for other options if it is not possible.

for:FuturicCore-OutPut FuturicCore(String="Hello World")
main linked FuturicCore(Main)
 VoiceDevice? speak!
 FuturicCore(Error)? RadioDevice? speak!
 FuturicCore(Error)? ScreenDevice? put!
 FuturicCore(Error)? FuturicCore(Connect)? Modem? send!
 FuturicCore(Error)? FuturicCore(Connect)? Satellite? send!


It will become popular as the robotic technology advances and to make robots gets less expensive.