This article is settled on Earth 5.1, a technological and updated version of Earth.


Enhanced Fujita Category 6 Tornado is a common tornado in Earth 5.1.


It is generated by really strong convective indexes at really low levels of the troposphere, and a conducive environment at middle level (mid-level mesocyclon embedded in a major convective cell). It will generate a hook-echo after few seconds of the development of the main mid-level features. A high wall cloud will develop if the low-level moisture is high enough (+/- 90 %). The tornado itself will begin as a typicial multi-vortex tornado (vorticity may be too high, so the normal unique funnel will not develop), winds over 100 miles per hour. When its development as a typical tornado (a low-level feature, perhaps one or more typical funnels, increasing mid-level shear) is complete, a new feature (an eye-like calm center) develop in the inner core of the system, as the external vortexs increases their speed and potence. It is moment of the F-6 damage: As the cold center expands, the vorticity and velocity of the external vortexs is impulsed furthermore, as the vortexs (thet spin around the cold center try to keep its angular moment). But the angular momemnt can not be balanced. and the cold center explodes, generating total F-6 damage. The tornado disappears as a whole, but its vortexs can develop into complete tornados, causing F-5/F-4 damage. If Standard value Beta is proven, it will be possible to forecast the formation of a F-& Tornado, saving many lives.