The armed forces of the many countries of NATO are each unique, but all share coherency with each other. Collectively, URE possesses the largest and most powerful ground forces in the world.


Every URE country’s army uses the same standard-issue equipment, so keep in line with NATO laws and regulations.


  • R1-XV2 Piranha
    • The standard service assault rifle owned by

every soldier in the army.

  • R1-XV1 Python
    • The rifle used by an infantry fireteam’s designated marksman
  • R2-XM1 Mamba
    • A sidearm mostly used by scientists and non-combatant

military personnel such as tacticians and medics

  • R3-XV1 Viper
    • Long-ranged precision weaponry used by reconnaissance

teams and Covert Squads

  • R3-XT1 Barracuda
    • High power shoulder-fired rocket launcher
  • R4-XT1 Railgun
    • An electrically powered electromagnetic

projectile launcher, used by Knights

  • R5-XA1 Infantry Support Artillery
    • Heavy machine guns and mortars assigned to infantry regiments


  • Scutum combat armour
    • Standard-body armour consisting of a combat helmet (often with protective visor), and ballistics jacket


  • BT1-XR1 Lancelot
    • NATO’s Main Battle Tank
  • BT1-XR2 Gawain
    • Siege tank commonly used when assaulting heavily fortified cities

“Dragoon” HMAAW-01

  • “Humanoid Mechanised Armoured Assault Walker”, a large, bipedal vehicle used when greater mobility is required.
  • MA-XR3 Hector
    • A tripedal mobile artillery piece armed with either a long-range mortar of Anti-Air guns.