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Urilian Empire

Urilian 1.png

The Urilian Empire at its height (c. 2100)

Urilian Empire
Political information
Type of government

Autocratic monarchy

Founding document

None; some consider it (de-jure) to be the First Imperial Edict (2004)


None; some consider it to be the First Imperial Edict (2004)

Head of State

Emperor of the Urilian Empire

Head of Government

Emperor of the Urilian Empire

  • Emperor of the Urilian Empire
  • Grand Imperial Vizier (de-facto, post-2150)
  • Grand Imperial Marshal (de-facto, post-2150; often conflicted with Vizier)
Societal information

Saren, Urilia

Official language

Modern Urilian (derived from Middle Urilian and Old Urilian)

Historical information
Formed from

The Kingdom of Urilia, several outlying principalities, as well as foreign republics and monarchies

Date of establishment

De-facto 1971

Date of fragmentation


Date of reorganization


The Sublime and Great Imperial State of Urilia, more commonly and short-handedly referred to as the Main, was an autocratic monarchy that existed for several centuries during a time of great expansion within the Unity of the Core Worlds. Before the rise of the latter, the Urilian Empire was one of the largest and most powerful interstellar governments in the galaxy.

The Urilian Empire was centered around the planet of Urilia, the homeworld of the Urilian people, whom made up a majority of the empire's population. From the 15th to 20th centuries the King of Urilia -- also ruler of several outlying systems -- fought often with the surrounding six principalities (once the six sons of a former King, who allied with each other and broke away during the War of the Six Princes), though was never able to defeat them. Around 1965, Hasdrada I, King of Urilia, prepared for a massive war with the six princes, and when he launched his campaign of conquest, he succeeded within several years. In 1971, after securing victory at the final Battle of the Five Gates, Hasdrada executed the surviving four princes (two of which had died in battle earlier in the war), banished their families, and assumed their titles and powers. Several days later, after returning to Urilia to witness a massive military parade in the capital of Saren, he proclaimed himself Emperor of Urilia. Great fanfare followed, after which he immediately set about securing his authority and preparing for grand conquests.

The following decades saw the flowering of Urilian power in the region as it quickly expanded to nearby systems, colonizing the unoccupied ones and assimilating the others through force or the use of gunboat diplomacy. Upon the death of Hasdrada the Great, his son, Orulia (named after the Old Urilian name for Urilia itself), expanded even further than his father did, solidifying the power of Urilia as one of the strongest empires in the galaxy. Conquests following Orulia's death in 2020 slowed in pace and the acquisition of new systems became a rarer occurrence; still, the Empire continued to grow economically and politically.

During this period, corruption began to affect Urilian bureaucracy, though the phenomenon itself was not realized until after the devastatingly humiliating War of the Three Systems around 2080 against a growing Unity of the Core Worlds. Further localized conflicts against the Unity and nearby empires resulted in further Urilian defeats and humiliations -- even despite military and technological superiority -- in the face of rampant corruption, bickering amongst military governors and high-ranking officers, and the growing disillusion with military and diplomatic affairs from the Emperor, whose place was gradually filled by the Grand Vizier and later the Grand Marshal, who would both often work to their own goals. A diplomatic dispute in 2198 involving the Unity of the Core Worlds resulted in the devastating War of the Yellow Cluster, headed by the Nitomian admiral Sayun Ta'acun, effectively shattering the Urilian Empire with its defeat in 2201. Civil war and massive social discontent followed for over a decade, until the Empire was reinstated by Sajuuk, grandson of the previous Emperor. Though his rule was prosperous and united the remaining realms of the Urilian warlords and pretenders, his death left in the wake a largely ineffective Empire, though it managed to endure for several centuries more.

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