Advanced NHC Hurricane Thingy

3D model from Hurricane Research Labs: Category Six hitting a tropical peninsula. It was not created using Paint but advanced computers and stuff like that.

Category Six

Category Six will be an almighty and powerful kind of tropical cyclone. It will have below 875 mb, over 175 KT winds, and 20 feet sea surge.

Some meteorological models tell it is forming over the warm waters of southern caribbean sea. A downer low is getting formed beneath sea surface, with SST over 50 C.

Multiple eyes

During intensification of a Category Five to category six, it can show a lot of eye features in its outter bans. The Hurricane Research Labs company, thinks it is related to the eyewall replacement cycle, the eyewall mesovortexs, and to the multivortex tornado that forms inside the powerful tropical waves and upper lows that conform the outter bans of a category six. It is possible that some outter bands develop in hurricanes, invests and mesocyclones.


Even after land fall, a category Six can get stronger. It is possible because its annular-hurricane structure. In the image the yellow spots shows the over 200 KT wind areas. It can extract energy from release of latent heat of water vapor, so it will suck water from everything on its track. People can be "sucked" if they keep in the eye, losing all their moisture and blood. Everyplace hitted by a category six will be a desert forever and ever.

It will never get extratropical. The only way it will dissipate is if it receives a hit of a meteor.


The existence of category Six hurricane was impossible to investigate in laboratories. The possibility of it escapes and it destroys everything else is too horrible. Dont take it so hard. A puny scientist was about die trying to get a category Six in his lab.

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