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It is an Impossible Programming Development Software product.
To program is impossible, anyway.

COMPLEX (Common Objects for Media Programming, with Light Environment eXpandible) is a very powerful programming language, based in Visual Basic. It is one of the replacement suggested by programmers for VB6 after the DOTNET coming. The others are Parnassus (programming language) and Nothing. It is fully compatible with Pascal typing, and it has a "forecast programming" approach, which means the program "knows" what the programmer like. With the property Options.Code you can choose the version of the language you gonna use.

Hello World Example

Options.Code = COMPLEX_1_0
New.String HelloWorld

Althought the program does not call the standard library, and neither it calls the Standard.OutPut.Write.String method, the compiler evaluates the variable's name, and it thinks it is a "Hello World" App, so additional coding is compiled and the Hello World Application run like a Dream.


It is still a beta version. The final application will be completed by 2025. When it is completed, you would write operating system in this easy way:

Options.Code = COMPLEX_6_0
New.Object OperatingSystem