The war will never end
Hombis Battle Team
Hombis Katmai
Base Area Alaska and Canada
Allies Norata
Enemies and Targets Teas
Robots 111
War General Katmai

Auletas Battle Team is a battle team of hombis, robots from volcanoes in the future.


Katmai is the leader of this powerful battle team.


Auletas had a minor role in the war against Pro-Santorini in Antilia. Anyway, they have a great influence in the North American region. They have demanded to Teas the restoration of the Columbia battle team, and they know they can win the war if they uses their powerful army. Teas would not resist a three-front attack from Auletas, Anahuac and Norata. However, the unstable situation of The Andes has lead to a pause in their war plans against Teas.